Watts - Up All Night

10-11-2016 09:25 Music Videos, Featured Videos 03:18


Classic Rock Magazine says: Rock is in a steep decline and, who knows, maybe it’ll be as dead as disco in a few years. But the beauty of Watts is that they don’t care. The Black Heart Of Rock-N-Roll is what rock would sound like if it still ruled the airwaves. It reeks of triumph. It’s 1974 by way of 1987, and it’s just fucking sailing through the goddamn air on golden wings, man, without a care in the world. Watts have been around, one way or an other, for decades. They are stone-cold professionals when it comes to writing hook-heavy, guns-blazing, shirts-off, hard-core rock’n’roll songs, and this album is full of ‘em. Honestly, this might be our last shot at returning to former glories, so don’t blow it. (8/10)

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