Vine Messiah | We Are The Sons

11-03-2016 09:14 Music Videos, Featured Videos 03:13


Vine Messiah | We Are The Sons We are the sones in the single taken from the Vine Messiah album EMPIRE which can be purchased directly from the Vine Messiah Website or through all the major outlets such as: VINE MESSIAH Vine Messiah are here, and they're here to stay. Leaving a trail of good vibes and a brand of Old School British Metal which gets the audience banging their heads, jumping and dancing all at the same time. Vocalist Rob Shepherd is a classic rock front man, tattooed and intense, brooding and witty. They have just released a new album called 'EMPIRE' which has been warmly welcomed by fans of the band. You can listen music from the new album on the bands website As a live unit they are tight, with light and shade, heavy and ethereal, in fact they have the depth which all great bands have, never afraid of soaring mellow passages juxtaposed with double bass drum mayhem. In fact it's with this "Statement Of Intent" that they start off the live set, thundering double bass drums from Andy Phillips hits you straight between the eyes. This is soon joined by twin guitars sustained and harmonised. The two guitarists Mick Smith and Steve Lewis complement each other perfectly in this opening crescendo which ends with bassist Vic Wilson entering front of stage to take his place in the lineup which you can tell straight away is going to deliver big time. Opening with the insanely heavy track "Iron Harvest" Vine Messiah give the eager crowd exactly the trigger they need to serge forward and start the heave of the banging of heads in time to the incessant metal riff which starts the track, and without pause the band go straight into "Warmonger" a tight syncopated track which even gets the people at the back jumping. The outstanding track of the evening has to be "Crucify" which has so many good moments and is about 8 minutes long although it doesn't feel like it. This is where Vine Messiah really excels; this is the track where light and shade play their part, haunting intros, metal riffs, stomping chords and a killer ending. Just what rock fans want... A band that can play, a band that can entertain, a band that brings back the pride to "British Heavy Metal" VIDEO:

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