Lesbian Bed Death - Satan in the Swamps (B-Movie Music Video)

11-03-2016 09:28 Music Videos, Featured Videos 06:24

0 (back catalogue/shop available - we ship worldwide!) 'Satan in the Swamps' is taken from the 2016 album 'Evil Never Dies'. This is the band's first video directed by their very own Mr Peach who shot and edited this purely for fun and on a tiny budget. This is his first attempt at making a music video, so consider it a B-Movie style treat for Halloween 2016! It was shot at various locations including the abandoned North Wales Hospital (AKA Denbigh Mental Asylum). Director: Dan Peach Actors: Chris Baxter, Annabella Stanyer, Nikki Bordeaux, Paolo 'Hobbit' DePointon and Danny Carden. Band: Sienna Venom, Mr Peach, Vik Voodoo and Aaron Samedi. Follow the band on FB, Twitter & Instagram:- Lead Vocals - Sienna Venom - @siennavenomofficial Rhythm Guitar - Mr Peach - @mrpeachlbd Lead Guitar - Vik Voodoo - @vikvoodoo Lyrics: Hearing things at night Swaying in accursed waters Glistening He's staring at you Dark misty skies All you see are broken shadows Everywhere Something's there Like a hidden treasure, no gold just blood Splintered bones a memory, a tomb of mud It's too late for you now, you are here to stay Your final resting place, this land of decay Whispers brought you here Where the living meets the rotten It's choking and feeding on you See the thick fog rise Something lurks beneath the waters This stagnant lair Eyes everywhere When everything is breaking, inside of you The tree of knowledge, bears rotten fruit Worship the deceiver, the unholy one Fear the non-believer, Satan in the swamps

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