Cornerstone ® - Last Night (Official Music Video)

11-03-2016 09:33 Music Videos 04:06


ENJOY THIS UNHIP, UNCOOL AND UN-SEXY MUSIC! Cornerstone are Alina Peter, Michael Wachelhofer, Steve Wachelhofer and Christoph Karas, a female fronted rock band from Austria. More Infos about their Music, concerts, downloads, reviews about the new album "Reflections" here: ALBUM "REFLECTIONS" AVAILABLE AT: VIDEO CREDITS: Light: Werner Zotter Camera: David Hradetzky Camera: Armin Gruen Camera: Ronald Stockinger Camera, Cutting, Direction: Christian Enzlmueller Video: Filmproduction Enzlmueller - (c) 2016 ATOM Records (U.S.A.) Words: Michael Wachelhofer Music: Michael Wachelhofer/Stefan Wachelhofer Sound-Mastering by: Harry Hess, Toronto, Canada

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